Covid-19 Protective goods

FFP2 KN95 with Dekra certificates BEF 95% for coronavirus pandemic protection

Item No.: Dekra KN95
FFP2 KN95 Face Mask, has Dekra certificates from Germany.
Export countries:  Europe and Asia.
Filtration rate:  BEF over 95%
5 Layers:  Non-woven, melt blown fabric, melt blown fabric, non-woven, non-woven
Usage:  Daily use, Use face mask if you go
Product FFP2 KN95 with Dekra certificate
Model No ACG95-01(KN95)
Material/structure 5 Layers: 3 layers non woven, 2 layers 99% melt blown fabruc
Suitable for use Daily use, crowded public place.
Warranty 2 years
Storage conditions and shelf life Under the condition that the unopened product is guaranteed to be stored at -20~+30℃ and the relative temperature is not higher than 80% , the validity period is 2 years from the date of production(see the internal certification and the production date)
Applicable standards YY/T0969-2013
Europe CE DEKRA test report, DEKRA CE