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Classification of luggage and handbag fabrics

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Fabric is the main material of luggage products, which not only directly affects the appearance of the product, but also related to the market price of the product. Luggage color and material are directly reflected by fabric, and style modeling also depends on the softness, straightness, thickness and weight of the material to ensure. Therefore, it is also in the conceptual design performance effect that should be paid attention to. There are many kinds of materials that can be used in luggage products, and products also have different categories because of different fabrics, such as: real leather bags, imitation bags, plastic boxes, plush bags, cloth handbags and so on Handbags For Women.
1.Natural leather material is a variety of animal skin, natural leather appearance elegant and generous, feel soft and plump, product durability. However, because of its high price, it limits the use of leather bags to a certain extent. There are many natural leather materials used in luggage products, and they vary greatly with different kinds of properties.
2. Artificial leather and synthetic leather have been widely used in industrial and agricultural production and people's life, but the appearance of artificial leather is very similar to that of natural leather, but the price is low and there are many kinds of colors. The quality of artificial leather has been significantly improved by the varieties of polyurethane synthetic leather developed in recent years, especially the synthetic leather with the structure and composition of natural leather imitated with polyurethane porous material for base and surface layer, which has good practical properties. Artificial leather can be divided into two categories according to raw materials, namely polyvinyl chloride artificial leather and polyurethane synthetic leather. Among them, in the artificial leather series, artificial leather, artificial lacquer leather, artificial muntjac leather, PVC plastic film and other materials. In the series of synthetic leather materials, that kind of synthetic leather, which is coated with polyurethane foaming layer and has a very similar appearance to natural leather, is the most widely used.
3. Artificial fur has the appearance of natural fur, and it is cheap and easy to keep, and it is close to natural fur in performance. It can be used not only for edge decoration material, but also for making bag products full of children's interest in luggage design. Its appearance and performance mainly depend on its production method, such as knitted artificial fur, woven artificial fur, artificial curly fur and so on.
4. Fiber cloth (fabric) fabrics can be used not only in fabrics, but also in lining parts. The fabrics used in fabrics are PVC coated and ordinary fabrics. Among them, PVC coating is the textile fabric with transparent or opaque PVC film on the front or back, such as Scottish square cloth, printed cloth, man-made fiber cloth and so on. This material has a variety of colors and patterns, and has quite high waterproof and wear resistance. It can be used to make travel bags, sports bags, student bags and so on. In ordinary fabrics, canvas, velvet, twill, Scottish square cloth can be used to make bag products.
5. Plastic and plastic are commonly used in luggage, most of which are used for hot pressing, and they are the main materials of suitcase. Not only the color is rich and colorful, but also the performance is very good. 6, the packing material is mainly used to assist the modeling of the product, at the same time, it plays the role of protecting the fabric of the product. The main varieties are leather and textile. In artificial leather products, the softer varieties, such as sheep-like leather with foam sense, are mainly used, while in textile fabrics, silk-like fabrics in chemical fiber fabrics are mainly used, and cotton and man-made cotton fabrics are sometimes used in some luggage products.

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