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Overview of the Cambridge Bag Style

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Update time : 2019-02-15 16:40:06

Although the Cambridge bag is famous, it is actually a very young bag, which was born in 2008.
The Cambridge Satchel Company was founded in 2008 by Julie Deane and her mother. The brand is dedicated to retaining the UK's most traditional manufacturing processes, from classic Cambridge bags to push-lock bags and handbags, each of which is handmade in the UK. The Cambridge bag brand born from the kitchen table has evolved into a trend miracle that global fashion celebrities are vying for, including Alexa Chung, Taylor Swift, and Sophie Ellis-Bextor, all of whom are fans of the Cambridge bag. Today, more than 100 styles of Cambridge bags are available in more than 120 countries around the world. The brand myth of the Cambridge bag will continue to be refreshed. We believe that there is always a Cambridge bag for you.

The buckle of the Cambridge bag is actually an identity statement. From the birth of the briefcase, the buckle has been straight and straight. Cambridge bags originate from school bags and messenger bags, but the traditional buckles of these two bags are also straight belts. How can you make your own exclusive style unlike other bags? This is the root cause of the shape of the Cambridge buckle belt is not a straight line. As for the shape of the skull, the buckle is buckled, and it is a bow tie. So the design language is: use Cambridge bag, this is the starting point of the upper class.

Let's pay attention to this photo. Let's talk about the cover design of the Cambridge bag.

A large part of the Cambridge bag's cover load-bearing strip is external and wide, which can be said to be a half-cover. Maybe some friends don't understand, this is definitely built-in, right? Why do you want to put it outside? The reason is very simple and straightforward. Cambridge bags are different from most business bags. It is used by students. Students need to carry bags for a long time. If the bag is built-in, use my bag as an example. That is the case:


This type of load-bearing strip design, the ends are generally not stitched with the cover. If stitched, it will make the corner of the cover turn into a square, not very nice. Because there is no stitching at both ends, when the strap is used, both sides of the cover will be deformed under pressure.
The load-bearing strip of the Cambridge bag directly becomes the second half of the cover, and the two ends of the cover are stitched together, which can strengthen the cover to avoid deformation for long-term use, and can also reduce the insensitivity of the right-angle cover corner.
But at the same time, this design also makes the cover of the Cambridge bag not too long. The actual cover of the Cambridge bag is only one-third of the body, and the long corner of the cover will be conspicuous.


It can be seen that there are several fixed points in the design of the classic Cambridge bag. The style of the buckle is not a straight line. The upper buckle and the lower buckle are both spindle-shaped; the position of the cover is only three-thirds of the body. One place; the front outer bag is very thick, roughly these.
First of all, the shape of the buckle, this is not divided between men and women, in fact, men are also this shape, many people think this shape is feminine, in fact, this is a reason.

The Cambridge bag is a successful style and our company has experience in producing Cambridge bags. If you are interested in Cambridge bags or other types of women's bags, I hope you can contact us at any time, or follow us, we will always provide more and more latest women's bags to you.
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